Works in the Open Air Decorative Information Technical Drawings Series Seian Arts Attention vol.4 Kunio Okawara. Legend of Mechanical Design Typographics Ti: Vogue Thailand Launch Party Holy Moly Anata Ga Hoshii Anata Ga Hoshii IDEA 376 BMW Guggenheim Lab Cabbage Thoughts Poster for Navigation ID – From X to A Festival Bo:m Poster for Crow’s Eye View: The Korean Peninsula Burning Down the House ASA Next Flags of Peace Print, August 2012, Trash issue Bishan Harvestival Visual Communication in the Post-Internet Age Werkplaats Typografie Phenomenology of Koichi Sato Graphic designers and exhibitions A Chronicle of Alternative Spirits in Japan 1970—1994 Visual Identity Issue Type Archive Issue Archive Monthly Design 1976—2011 Yale The subjective Tour Guide to Amsterdam Publishers XS: Young Studio Collection Book Desgins Introduction to Computation Poster Issue 2016 Everything Material, Something Immaterial South of Southern: Space, Geography, History and the Biennale. The Method of Paradox What I Like to Do Liu Xiaodong’s Hotan Project & Xinjiang Research Thailand Football League Yellow Pages Shanghai Art Book Fair Booklet Bananafish Bookstore in Dalin, China Mini Zine SHE IS NOT HERE BINDING TALK #02 Mini Zine Book in Artist Residency Be Matisse Be Matisse SHE IS NOT HERE (inside page) Bananafish Eiso Classroom Mini Zine Librairie Marian Goodman identity, art direction and signage design David Hockney publication Kettle’s Yard identity and reopening campaign design Kunsthalle for Music Booklet Permanent Collection identity and packaging design Stephen Friedman Gallery Identity Toogood identity, print and packaging design Basquiat Boom For Real Exhibition The Hepworth Wakefield identity, typeface, signage and wayfinding design Bauhaus Art As Life Exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery Build the Wall Nang 1–4 Towards a Promiscuous Square Post-Digital Print Euqitirc by Sojung Jun WOO Osang Gwon The Bibliophile’s Booklets Objectology II: Make Seoulized City SINGTONOI VATIN-VIN THE-WORKSHOPPERS GREYHOUND MODERN DOG SUDTANA HOTEL YAYEE RAINBOW WATER Adisgladis Biggans Essem Design Mikkeller Omelett Oridnary Second Hand Orchestra St. Erhard Terri Timely
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